Atcha Walker Invites: Logan Dataspirit – AWI001 – djset – house – deep – electro

Atcha Walker Invites: Logan Dataspirit – AWI001 – djset – house – deep – electro

New year, new feature on the podcast! Starting now, from time to time, I open the podcast to DJ/producers I like.

So, for the first episode of the year, I invites my great friend and producer Logan Dataspirit.
He offers us a 1h30 set recorded featuring exclusively his productions, at Combi Bar in Rennes on the night of 12/20/2019.

A bit of background:
French electronic music composer and producer Logan Dataspirit started writing music in the late 90ies influenced by artists such as The Future Sound of London, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Deep Dish and the inspiring music scene in Rennes.
In 2005 he releases a remix for Electric Rescue on techno label Scandium Records owned by Dalcan & Nazca, followed by numerous collaborations on digital labels worldwide (202 Digital, Different Muziq, SoulHeat).
Since then, Logan composed several albums and performed live in events (alongside Rock’n Solex, Back In Live, OPA, 4 Elements) as composer for electro-rock project Ghosts Are These and as DJ for UniversDj Soulful Meeting and My7House.
From 2015 to 2019, he collaborates with art director Yann Busnel and choreographer Severine Busnel to create Compagnie Keanoz in which he writes and plays original live music for several contemporary dance shows, including appearances in Festival Interceltique de Lorient and major traditional music festivals in Europe.

Explore Logan’s work:

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Tracklist (Time – Title – Artist – Label):
00:00:00 – My Roots of House (Logan Dataspirit A Side Mix) – WUMM feat. Marlene Rodrigues – Souheat Records
00:05:09 – Something’s Happening (Logan Dataspirit Mix) – Jimi Wes – 202 Digital
00:10:07 – Keep Moving (Logan Dataspirit Mix) – Halon (US) – Hush Deep
00:14:30 – Vitalizer – Logan Dataspirit – Different Muziq
00:20:12 – Still (Logan Dataspirit Mix) – WUMM feat. Marlene Rodrigues – Creative Commons
00:26:55 – Childhood – Logan Dataspirit – Creative Commons
00:30:18 – Minitel Rose (Logan Dataspirit Mix) – Yan Gordo – Mélopée Records
00:36:50 – Sai Bina (Electro Deep Mix) – Logan Dataspirit – Creative Commons
00:40:48 – L’Ébullition d’Amour (Logan Dataspirit Mix) – Yohan Esprada feat. Lorena – Cabana
00:46:07 – Back to Solaris – Logan Dataspirit – Creative Commons
00:51:15 – Green Flux – Logan Dataspirit – Creative Commons
00:55:35 – Weekend (Logan Dataspirit Mix) – JROKX feat. Donnie Ozone – Creative Commons
01:00:55 – MOB (Logan Dataspirit Mix) – Froland feat. E2J – Creative Commons
01:06:00 – na – Logan Dataspirit – na
01:12:51 – na – Logan Dataspirit – na
01:18:51 – Borderline (Alan Mean Magic Mix) – Logan Dataspirit – 202 Digital
01:25:38 – Too Hot (Logan Dataspirit Mix) – Stephan Evans aka Distorded – Creative Commons

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