A Thank You Laurent Garnier Episode – AWWD032 – djset – techno – electronic music

A Thank You Laurent Garnier Episode – AWWD032 – djset – techno – electronic music

My two pieces to support the next documentary about Laurent Garnier by Gabin Rivoir.

If I have a mentor, he is the guy. 20 years his music fills up my ears without getting tired of it. I have so much love and gratitude for the guy, he is one the main reasons I go now at full steam in djing no matter what.

Now, press PLAY, push that volume UP and check the Kickstarter of the documentary at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/featuristic/laurent-garnier-off-the-record

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Tracklist (Time – Title – Artist – Label):

00:00 – Encore Feat. Argy – Jerome Sydenham – Ibadan Records
06:41 – Genkaku – Hiroyuki Arakawa – Muller Records
12:15 – Moodulations – Oxia – Diversions Music
16:00 – Acid Eiffel – Choice (Laurent Garnier) – Arcade/EQuality
22:10 – Aries in Mars – Josh Wink – Bedrock Records
29:21 – Lila (Kollektiv Turmstrasse remix) – Rodriguez Jr. – Boxer Recordings
35:24 – Sleepy Hollow – Stefan Goldmann – Innervisions
40:26 – Oloro Nyager feat. Olith – Djuma Soundsystem, Fake Mood, Olith – Get Physical Music
45:30 – Melody of Key – Black Jazz Consortium – Soul People Music
49:30 – Elliptic – Vessels – Cuckundoo Records
56:18 – Rod – Steve Parker – Android Muziq
01:01:21 – Endless Story (Satoshi Fumi remix) – Oniris – Stripped Recordings

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