A junglist balade episode – AWWD018 – djset – drum’n’bass – electronic music

A junglist balade episode – AWWD018 – djset – drum’n’bass – electronic music

This week, let’s go for a walk in the jungle. It was a bit tricky to put all tracks together but I had a lot of fun, I hope you enjoy it!

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Tracklist (Time – Title – Artist – Label):

00:00 – Kind of Blue – Drumagick – BMR Music
04:52 – Underpass – Rockwell – Critical Music
09:59 – Soul Remembers (feat Dub Phizix and Fox) – DRS – Soul:R
14:00 – Weird Science – Octane, DLR – Dispatch Recordings
18:34 – Sound Man – System – Exit Records
23:21 – Red Mist VIP – Octane, DLR feat. Gusto – Dispatch Recordings
27:00 – One Drop – J:Kenzo – Exit Records
31:13 – Never Been (Electr*C VIP) – Dub Phizix – Brownswood Recordings
35:14 – Roots – Survival – Dispatch Recordings
39:38 – League Of Shadows – Loxy and Resound – Samurai Musica
42:55 – Rationale – Survival, Paul T – Dispatch Recordings
47:42 – Ride feat. TC Izlam – Drumagick – BMR Music

Atcha Will Drive Podcast is about Atcha Walker playing music. A weekly show presenting a fine selection of electronic music in form of a djset.

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