A daydream at Fukushima episode – AWWD015 – djset – electronic music

A daydream at Fukushima episode – AWWD015 – djset – electronic music

A daydream at Fukushima episode – AWWD015 – Atcha Will Drive Podcast

A 70 minutes electronic walk blending some techno, breakbeat, deep and future jazz tracks

I recorded my Traktor screen, maybe you will find it more entertaining than the usual waveform and you can actually see what I do. I use a Xone K2 to control Traktor.

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Tracklist (Time – Title – Artist – Label):

00:00 – Antisharkz – Cardopusher – Tigerbeat6
04:40 – Fukushima – Phon.o – Monkeytown Records
08:23 – Sayulita – Apparat – !K7
13:18 – Idiosynkrasia (Ben Klock Remix) – Francesco Tristano – Infine France
18:22 – Elephant’s Foot – Stefan Vincent – Dynamic Reflection
23:54 – Twilight – Carl Craig – Planet E
29:49 – Daybreak – Takuya Yamashita – Cadenza
35:13 – Anabatic – Ian O’Donovan – Hype Muzik
40:52 – Esperanto (Satoshi Fumi Another Sky Mix) – Darin Epsilon, Paronator – Perspectives Digital
45:50 – Daydream (Pablo Bolivar Remix) – Pablo Sanchez – Hafendisko
50:59 – 1-4 Doctor c’est chouette – Laurent Garnier – Kompakt
58:15 – Room 101 – Dibby Dougherty, David Young – Paradigma Musik
1:04:10 – You Don’t Belong Here – Jori Hulkkonen – Play It Again Sam

AWWD Podcast is about Atcha Walker playing music. All kind of music with a big fondness for electronic and techno sets.

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